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The Koorparoo Kat : Sean O'Boyle
In the land down under we call Australia, in the State named Queensland, in the city of Brisbane lies the leafy suburb of Coorparoo. In this leafy suburb hides the mysterious Coorparoo Cat. The Coorparoo Cat is extremely secretive and has asked that her name be changed to "Koorparoo Kat" - to hide her true identity. The "meows" and "shhh" can be performed either by the whole orchestra; or the conductor could designate soloists; or the conductor could cue the audience to join in on the fun. This work combines the techniques of pizzicato with arco and the occasional left hand pizzicato. Dynamics should be carefully observed to add to the fun! The name Coorparoo comes from the Aboriginal word " Kulpurum", which is the name for the local waterway "Norman Creek". The Koorparoo Kat was commissioned for the opening of the A.E.A Mc Cahon Performing Arts Hall at Coorparoo State School.