About Orchestra Music Direct
Orchestra Music Direct is a website specializing in digital downloadable print music for orchestras. This site has been made possible by the Hal Leonard, a world-wide company specializing in the publishing and distribution of printed music.
In August 2016, we added the powerful Noteflight Viewer to ensure that Interactive files worked seamlessly across all modern browsers as well as Print Edition files, the original publisher editions.
What do I need to use it?
  • A compatible PC or Mac computer with Internet Access and a printer.
FIND IT. With easy-to-use Search and Browse tools, you can choose from Hal Leonard's extensive catalog of orchestra music, of all styles and levels from the most widely-played composers and arrangers today.
SEE IT. You can view and study complete scores and even check specific parts with the click of a mouse. Need to quickly see the trumpet range or how a percussion part is detailed? You can review virtually any aspect of a piece before purchasing.
HEAR IT. Superb audio recordings are included to give directors the luxury of hearing a great performance while viewing the score or parts. MIDI playback is also available, with scrolling score view and tempo adjustment, if desired.
PRINT IT. With the latest in electronic delivery technology, secure and legal music can be printed on demand. Formatted to work with standard printers, the use-to-use interface gives directors the option to print scores and parts at their convenience.
PLAY IT... now! The speed and efficiency of digital delivery gives directors incredible new options to select, own, and perform music for any of their instrumental groups with no waiting or guesswork. You can order it tonight and play it first hour tomorrow!
More great features of Hal Leonard's new online delivery service...
  • Customize a set of parts to your special instrumentation.
  • Order extra or replacement parts.
  • Get contest adjudication scores — quickly and easily.
  • Make your music choices online with the ideal perusal tool — even if you prefer to purchase your music in commercially printed format.